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Q. Why should I purchase Answers From Nature instead of another brand?
A. We are a company you can trust. With so many questionable diet products and sensationalist health claims from internet companies, we have always taken great care to provide quality products, found in your local health food store. We also stand apart from the crowd in that our supplements are entirely additive-free. We use superior forms of ingredients, in unique combinations, with high-potency formulas. And we are positive-minded folks!




Q. What is the benefit of being additive-free?
A. Additives contribute nothing to the nutrition content of a dietary supplement. In fact, studies have shown that they may inhibit absorption of the nutrients. The only purpose they serve is to make the manufacturing process faster.




Q. What would you recommend I read if I want more information about MSM?
A. We recommend the book "The Miracle of MSM" by Stanley W. Jacob, MD. We also recommend the book "The MSM Miracle" by Earl Mindell.




Q. How should I store my supplements?
A. You should store our dietary supplements at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.




Q. Are you gluten-free?
A. We are considered gluten-free.




Q. Do you use MSG in any way?
A. No.




Q. Do any of your ingredients contain genetically modified plants (GMO's)?
A. No.




Q. Which credit cards do you accept?
A. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.




Q. Can I pay by check or money order?
A. Yes. You can call in or email your order, and we will let you know the total to send. Or you may simply mail a check or money order with your order.




Q. Do you have auto-ship (recurring orders) available?
A. Yes. Please call or email us your request, and we will confirm it with you.




Q. How much will my cost of shipping be?
A. For orders above $50 in the continental U.S., shipping is free! (In Alaska and Hawaii, orders above $125 receive free shipping). For orders below $50 in the continental U.S., shipping is $7.95. (For orders below $125 in Alaska and Hawaii, shipping is $15.00.)




Q. Can I request that my order be sent an express method?
A. Yes. Simply call or email us if you want your order sent an express method, and we will confirm with you the cost of that method.




Q. How fast do orders get shipped?
A. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.




Q. Do you sell my information to other companies?
A. No. We never sell any of your information. We do not share it with anyone either, except those necessary to process your order (generally UPS, and our credit card processing company).




Q. How do I know my credit card information will be safe?
A. Our site is SSL secured, verified daily.




Q. Are your products recyclable?
A. Yes, our containers are made of highly-recyclable plastic, HDPE #2.




Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We were established in 1997. The year 2017 will mark our 20th anniversary.




Q. I haven't heard of you before. Why not?
A. We are located in health food stores across the country under our own label. However we also private label to a number of entities. Naturopathic physicians and health food stores are examples of who we private label for.




Q. Are you a subsidiary of a large mass-market conglomerate, or anything like that?
A. No. We are a small, family owned company, doing what we love. We consider ourselves "The Little Company That Could!"