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Q. What is the shelf life of your products?
A. 24 months. This is from the time it was manufactured (not the time the product was opened).




Q. Is your Revitalizing Shampoo & Body Wash safe for color treated hair?
A. Yes! It is a very gentle shampoo, and is excellent for use with color treated hair.




Q. Your Revitalizing Shampoo & Body Wash doesn't seem to lather that much. Does it still cleanse my hair?
A. Yes. The cleansing agent has nothing to do with lathering. Lathering is produced by an inexpensive ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate, which is commonly found in mass market shampoos.




Q. Can I use your Restoring Conditioner as a leave-in treatment?
A. Yes! It makes an excellent leave-in conditioner.




Q. How do you preserve your products?
A. We preserve our products through anti-oxidants, Amla, and Grapeseed Extract.




Q. Why do your products seem to be slightly different (texture, scent, color) when bought at different times?
A. Because our products are made with natural ingredients, there may be slight variations in texture, scent and/or color.




Q. Can I use your serums as stand-alone moisturizers?
A. Our serums are meant to be applied first, and a moisturizer on top of it. However, some people simply use one application of serum and stop there, or use a second application of serum. Each product has its own scent and texture, and it's just a matter of personal preference.



Q. What products do you recommend for acne?
A. We recommend our Botanical Moisture Crème or Nature's Wrinkle Crème. In addition, we recommend our Rosemary Facial Scrub because of the acneic fighting qualities of its Rosemary Extract.




Q. Are your products hypo-allergenic?
A. Hypo-allergenic is a term that has no medical definition. For example, olive oil is an ingredient that is not hypo-allergenic, yet it is well known that it is wonderful for the skin. Our products generally have no tendency to provoke an allergic reaction. However, we always recommend you patch test any skin care product before use.




Q. What products do you recommend for sensitive skin?
A. We recommend our Botanical Moisture Crème or Nature's Wrinkle Crème.




Q. How much MSM do you use in your Age-Defying Body Lotion?
A. We use 15%, which is the maximum amount that can be utilized in a body lotion.





Q. I haven't heard of you before. Why not?
A. We are located in health food stores across the country under our own label. We also private label to a number of entities. Naturopathic Physicians and health food stores are examples of who we private label for.




Q. Are you a subsidiary of a large mass-market conglomerate, or anything like that?
A. No. We do not sell, nor are we owned by, any massmarket entity. We are a small, family owned company, doing what we love.