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Private Label


Whether you are considering private label for the first time, or are looking to make a change, we hope to deliver everything you are looking for, and more.


High End Products. We admit, we don’t have a thousand products. But do you really want a thousand products? We specialize in innovative, high-end products. We are a good fit for anyone wishing to offer their customers “the best of the best”. Our multi-vitamin in particular is arguably the perfect multi-vitamin, and has actually become a bit of a phenomenon.


Additive-Free. We are also a good fit for “purists”, as our dietary supplements are 100% additive-free. We use no lubricants, preservatives, fillers or excipients. It takes a little longer to make, and costs a little more, but we think it’s worth it. Why ingest questionable additives when you don’t need to? Further, studies indicate that additives may inhibit the absorption of nutrients. Another benefit of additive-free products is that they are gentle on your system.


Quick Turnaround. We’re quick! It is a rare circumstance indeed when an order does not ship by the next business day. We run a very smooth ship.  


Always Friendly. Family owned and operated since 1997, you will be dealing with friendly, positive-minded folks. Besides making the process as quick and easy as possible, we also endeavor to make it as pleasant and refreshing as possible!

We’re always happy to hear from you.


We hope you will  contact us to discuss a new partnership.


Thank you, and as always, best of health!